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Road Training

The first day of road instruction will consist of up-shift and down-shift training.  The student will be taught the method of shifting gears. The State of Georgia requires students to double clutch while shifting gears.  The students will be taught to this standard at a designated location provided by CDL of GA.  This site provides a safe paved private lot for a student to shift through all gears of a standard ten speed transmission.  After the student has proven that they are proficient in up-shift and down-shift training, the student will begin on-the-road training.

The student will begin training in a rural environment to understand driving a tractor trailer.  The student will be introduced to a city element learning to drive in heavily populated areas learning to conduct right and left turns safely.  The student will be taught how to start and stop using a standard transmission on a hill.  The student will experience highway and expressway environments to ensure that the student feels comfortable driving in various environments.   

Job Placement Assistance

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Classroom Training

​Days one through five of training pertain to general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicles.  The student will be taught to the standard of the DDS approved curriculum provided by CDL of GA.   Upon completion of day five, an overview of general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicles will be administered by CDL of GA.  If the student is found to be proficient in the aforementioned  material, the student will test for the class "A" permit test on Saturday following day five of training. 

Upon successful completion of the class "A" permit test, the student will return to the classroom on day six to complete the classroom phase of instruction.  After completing the classroom phase of training the student will move to the range phase of instruction.

Range Training

The student will be instructed on all safety procedures pertaining to commercial vehicle instruction prior to beginning the range phase of the class "A" course.   The student will begin every day of range and road phase learning the fundamentals of pre-trip inspections and in-cab inspections.  The students will learn pre-trip and in-cab inspections both visually and "hands on".  The students will be given opportunities to view a video provided by CDL of GA demonstrating a proper pre-trip and in-cab inspection.  The students will conduct pre-trip and in-cab inspections on a decommissioned CDL of GA vehicle.  This vehicle has major mechanical components labeled for students that have little knowledge of the mechanical operations of a tractor trailer.   

The student will be taught the six basic parking maneuvers of range phase.  The State of Georgia expects class "A" drivers to be proficient in six basic parking maneuvers including: straight backing, left and right side offset, left and right side parallel, and alley docking.  Each maneuver will be taught in three distinct blocks of instruction

The first block of instruction will consist of hands-on supervised instruction.  The range instructor will instruct the student on how to conduct the range maneuver by each individual turn.  The science of the maneuver will be taught and an understanding of the maneuver will be expressed by the student prior to moving to the second block of instruction.

The second block of instruction will consist of supervised practice of the maneuver.  The student will conduct the maneuver as taught by the instructor.  The range instructor will observe proper practice of the maneuver.  The instructor will intervene only if the student begins to demonstrate errors in the maneuver.  This intervention is to prevent bad habits that may cause the student to fail the class "A" skills test or cause an accident as a professional driver.

​During the final block of instruction the student is practicing the maneuver with little to no intervention and the instructor is standing by for safety purposes.  The student has displayed proficiency and understanding of the practiced maneuver.  This block of instruction is to encourage muscle memory as well as problem solving in maneuvers.  Ultimately the student is responsible for testing in this maneuver and without uninterrupted practice the student will be unable to complete this maneuver in testing and real world application. Upon successful completion of the range phase of instruction the student will move to the road phase of instruction.